Comedy review: Diane Spencer: Seamless

Diane Spencer is one of those people who take a mischievous thrill out of life, so having a couple of kids isn't going to stop her enjoying herself.

Diane Spencer, who appears in her one-woman standup show 'All-Pervading Madness' at the Gilded Balloon Picture: Jane Barlow

Star rating: ***

Venue: Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14)

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Besides, they are step-kids, which means she a) can be a part-time mum but b) still mine the situation for material. She has a whole new set of experiences to work with, such as going to play-parks and dealing with pets.

Spencer casts an irreverent eye over the growing responsibilities of her thirtysomething life, talking about relationships, kids and the frustration of not getting into Top Shop jeans while simultaneously worrying about the children in the sweat shops who made them.

Spencer is a self-assured and able comic, who has moulded her natural quirkiness into an appealing persona. There are plenty of laughs in this enjoyable and 
relatable hour.

Until 29 August. Today: 5:45pm.