Comedy review: Christopher Macarthur-Boyd and Rosco Mclelland

Two up-and-coming Glasgow comics share an hour and their styles are contrasting enough to almost guarantee something for everybody.

Comedian Christopher Macarthur Boyd

Star rating: ***

Venue: Gilded Balloon at the Counting House (Venue 170)

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First up is Rosco Mclelland, so laid back he’s almost horizontal.

He’s holding an open umbrella, for no particular reason. He tells a story about his grandma’s burial, another about a ‘mudman’ in the park, dons sunglasses for a game of ‘am I looking at you or am I looking somewhere else?’

It’s not brilliant stuff, very studenty. I like him more than I like his material.

Christopher Macarthur-Boyd is Mclelland’s flatmate and they’re quite the contrasting pair. Where Mclelland looks T in the Park, Macarthur-Boyd is more tea at the Balmoral. Macarthur-Boyd, who says people see him as a Gok Wan/Ronnie Corbett hybrid, shows off the unfortunate tattoo he got at 18, explains why it’s not great to have a girlfriend who speaks Italian and generally amuses.

Whichever comic sounds more your thing, as a Pay What You Want show this is worth a punt. Heck, you may even enjoy both.

Until 29 August. Today, 6pm.