Comedy review: Chris Forbes: Unquiet Mind

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Last year Chris Forbes told Fringe punters about the unusual hobby he shares with his girlfriend Eleanor '“ pretending to have popped off this mortal coil.

Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14)


Yep, it’s weird, but hilarious the way he told it. Their uniquely romantic dance of death comes up again in this sequel show, in which we learn that Glaswegian Forbes and super-posh Cambridge gel Eleanor are getting spliced. If only our hero could stop imagining that three lines in a Brad Pitt film might make them best pals for long enough to get the wedding sorted.

That’s overthinking for you, and the type which gives this collection of reminiscences its title. It’s not all bad, mind – Scot Squad star Forbes may still be alive today (sorry, Eleanor) only because he’s thought long and hard about how to avoid getting on a plane that’s fated to fall.

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Then there’s Forbes’ latest effort to amuse himself – saying outrageous things on social media via an invented personality in the hope trolls will come out to play. The results are a hoot, though the Fringe trend for Twitter and Facebook mischief must surely end soon.

The big surprise is what a good musician Forbes is, playing the accordion he subverted as a boy, and the guitar he took up as a teen to impress an ‘angel’ who worked in Pizza Hut. His mellow, west of Scotland speaking voice translates into a very pleasant instrument, as he sings the silly love songs he’s written down the years. Including one for Brad Pitt. Eleanor didn’t like them, but the packed house certainly does. If overthinking is what it takes to come up with a show this good, let’s hope that mind keeps on churning.

Until 28 August. Today 7:45pm.