Comedy review: Bobby Mair: Loudly Insecure

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: It is such a relief to get into a Bobby Mair hour and hear a real expert at the venting game.

Heroes @ the Hive (Venue 313)


Marital bliss has not sweetened his spleen and his uncontrollable exasperation with so much in the world is a marvellous antidote to the many happy boys and girls doing shows here this month.

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    The Hive is, he tells us, his spiritual home. That pretty much explains Bobby Mair in a nutshell. He was adopted, as anyone who saw his debut show will know, and recently he has gone bloodline hunting. It makes for an interesting story but if you don’t find death and breast milk funny then this bit might not be for you. And it does not end particularly happily. For anyone. Bobby even manages to snatch horror from the joys of his honeymoon and new married life.

    Bobby is, he tells us trying to get healthy. Just not very hard. This, his thoughts on drug-free festivals, the joy of being white, his Facebook habit, our insensitive treatment of the blind, his idiosyncratic recipe for pizza and his surprising and persuasive defence of Theresa May, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un make for a brilliantly ballsy hour. This is a proper, stand-up-and-deliver hour and it is an absolute blast. Don’t make irritating noises in the audience, it makes Bobby angry and you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. We, on the other hand, will love it.

    Until 27 August. Today 7:15pm.