Comedy review: Bob Blackman's Tray?

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: The Funniest Men in Staffordshire have done it again. From the moment we get their opening number This is the Start of our Show, their entertainment extravaganza has it all.

Laughing Horse @ The ­Newsroom (Venue 93)


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A slew of one liners from Balaclava Man, an extraordinarily accurate Johnny Sorrow Tribute Act, punchlines galore, The Comedian Who Couldn’t be Bothered To Write Any Material (I was wondering which of them that might be), an impassioned plea from Trevor Never for winter indoor crown green bowling facilities around Huddersfield and some great musical numbers, of which Don’t Let Them Dangle Near The Mangle was my firm favourite.

Possibly the best joke of the entire Fringe is in this show but you need to hear it delivered by Balaclava Man. It is the way he tells them. Johnny Sorrow’s stand up sets need to be enjoyed by a much wider audience. I think anyone involved in comedy could learn much from them. And, generous a performer as ever, he pays tribute to the greats, especially comedy’s master craftsman Bernie Clifton.

Johnny is struggling these days, in an industry that insists he needs jokes to be a comedian. See the show. Jokes would ruin his act.

Until 26 August. Today 10pm.