Comedy review: Abigail's Party '“ Comedy Cabaret

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: A mildly hysterical woman and a young man are the party-makers in this slightly uncomfortable and overly contrived show which feels more like a showcase for the character comedy skills of the eponymous Abigail.

Underbelly Med Quad (Venue 302)


In time-honoured fashion we welcome to the stage a series of “special guests” and Abigail assumes a new wig and accent. Dave is a likeable, long-suffering straightman. It is a sweetly old fashioned, almost amateurish hour. Abigail and Dave are not untalented but they need a better, fresher show. However, a huge well done to them for controlling the hopelessly drunk girl on the front row in a friendly but firm fashion.

Until 28 August. Today 9:50pm.

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