Comedy review: Abandoman's Rob Broderick '“ The Musical in My Mind

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Rob Broderick, as cheery improvising rapper Abandoman, is rightly celebrated on the Fringe for his lightning ability to shape a witty couplet to go with anything his audience throw at him (medication, passports and pom-poms on this occasion).

Assembly George Square Gardens (Venue 3)


Anyone hoping that The Musical in My Mind would be his long-awaited digression into jazz hands musical theatre will be disappointed. Everyone else will be too busy laughing and marvelling at his quickfire rhyming dexterity as he delivers the rap musical of his life, with salient details tbc by the game crowd.

Broderick smartly subverts hip-hop norms to chronicle the crazy lifestyle of a moderately successful rapper, including his tough 
background as a Scrabble addict on the leafy streets of south Dublin, the modest infractions of his wildish years on My Crew and his sexual conquest (singular) on Longterm Monogamy.

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There is also advice on how to handle minor adversities on Eat Your Feelings and moody millennial love song How Can I Tell You I Love You, all dispensed with good, cosy humour amid scenes of mild peril.

Broderick has honed his skills so expertly that it’s all almost too comfortable.

Until 27 August. Today 6pm.