Clanlands: Sam Heughan announces new Scottish history podcast with fellow Outlander star Graham McTavish

Sam Heughan will be launching a new Scottish history podcast with fellow Outlander star Graham McTavish.

Sam Heughan will co-present the podcast with Graham McTavish.

McTavish, 58, who played Dougal Mackenzie in the first two seasons of the hit TV show, announced on Twitter that the pair would be teaming up.

The podcast will aim to explore the “history, clans and landscape of Scotland.”

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It is to be called Clanlands, however a date for when it will come out, and how people can hear it, has not yet been revealed.

The response from fans has been very positive so far.

One tweeted, “It's gonna be amazing and big fun, for sure. Can't wait to hear what the two of you come up with.”

Another wrote, “This will DEFINITELY be a highlight of the Autumn! Must be a real joy to undertake this with both a fellow Scot and such a good friend!”

The podcast has been announced as fans eagerly await the next season of Outlander.

It will see the characters in America as they face new challenges.

Starz has confirmed that the next season of the TV programme is in production, but a date when it will air is yet to be confirmed.