Children's shows review: Future Perfect

Have you ever regretted doing something and wished you could go back in time to fix it? That's the opportunity given to Dom (Dominic Mitchell) a 10-year-old Dr Who fan who would like to go back to the Cretaceous era to see dinosaurs but also return to last week to have a word with himself.

Star rating: ***

Venue: Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)

Fortunately thanks to a time agent (Toby Mitchell), who looks uncannily like Dom’s dad (for it is he) he can but they’ll need some help from the ­audience. This clever concept from Small Stories (a new offshoot of Tall Stories ­Theatre ­Company) asks you to scribble down your finest achievements, your hopes for the future as well as your biggest regrets – shout out to the ­little girl who stuck her foot in a bicycle wheel causing her dad to break his shoulder.

Future Perfect is, quite literally, a thought-provoking show – that really is the whole point. It’s smoothly devised and managed with great charm by Toby Mitchell and given heart by his talented son who – if he doesn’t ­pursue his ambitions as a Lego designer or a ninja – may have quite the future ahead of him as an actor.


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