Bridge - The Scotsman 21/02/2013

There was some serious overbidding on this deal from the Women’s Teams, starting with South’s Vulnerable Unusual 2NT.

West’s 3C showed a sound raise to 3H (with two cuebids available the partnership agreement was that the cheaper cue showed a raise, the other cue was game-forcing with the unbid suit). East’s 4H was nonetheless quite optimistic.

South did not fancy leading either of her minors, and chose a helpful ten of hearts, covered with the queen, king and ace. Declarer expected the diamond finesse to succeed, but saw that she would not be able to ruff two diamonds in dummy without suffering an overruff. She led a spade, expecting that South would rise with the ace if she had it. When South played low she ducked to North’s nine. North returned a heart to the jack, and declarer drew the last trump. She now led a low club, taken by North’s king, and won the club return. The queen of diamonds was covered with the king and won by the ace. Declarer ruffed a spade to remove South’s last safe exit, and led a club in this position:

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Declarer had taken six tricks, and had three more in the jack of diamonds and two ruffs. South had to win the club, and led a diamond, giving declarer her tenth trick with the nine. Note that a club, giving a ruff and discard, does not give an extra trick this time.