Bridge - The Scotsman 09/03/2012

Friday’s puzzle...

This Junior Camrose duel between England and the CBAI sees the Irish South opening with a Gambling 3NT. West doubled, and North passed, indicating he thought 3NT might make. South’s redouble is odd – surely not for penalty, since clubs might not run?

The Scottish South made 3NT doubled when West led the ace of spades, but England did better. West led the ten of hearts, covered by the jack and king, and East found the essential switch to a diamond.

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The English South had a different meaning for a 3NT opener, so he chose to pass. West opened a strong no-trump, and North’s double was conventional, showing a four-card major and a longer minor. South hoped his pass might show his hand(!), but North was slow to understand. He led a diamond. Declarer won the king and led a second diamond to dummy, South discarding a heart. Declarer took a losing spade finesse, and North played ace and another diamond, as South threw his remaining hearts. Declarer tried for his seventh trick by playing ace-king of hearts and taking a second spade finesse. When this lost North cashed a diamond and a heart. South had to discard most of his winning clubs, but he took the last three tricks for two down, +500 and +12 imps.