THE National Swiss Pairs were won by Nigel Guthrie and Ying Piper with 102 VPs; David Weir and Douglas Mitchell came a close second with 100. The Bronze went to Bill Wilson and Maurice Pigott with 90; and the Silver to Bob Clow and Andy Jamieson with 88.

Do you have the methods to reach 6D on this deal? South, too strong for a one-level opener, shows a big balanced hand. 2NT is often semi-balanced, 5-4-2-2, 6-3-2-2, even 5-4-3-1 with a singleton honour, because there is no better way to convey the overall strength.

Over 2NT most players use some form of Stayman, and transfers into the majors. Minor-oriented hands can start with 3S. Some play minor suit Stayman; others use 3S as a Puppet Bid, demanding that partner bids 3NT, after which four of a minor shows a minor two-suiter, longer in the bid minor. With a hand unsuitable for slam opener signs off in 4NT – responder may proceed if strong enough. Other bids show slam interest. Over 4C 4D sets trump and demands cuebids; 4H and 4S are cuebids, agreeing clubs. Over 4D four of a major is a cuebid showing interest in a minor to be named later.

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On the featured auction South set diamonds as trump, and North cuebid his second round spade control. South now cuebid clubs; this also implied heart control since partner had bypassed that suit, so North went on to slam.

Very nice – but no happy ending. With both black suits breaking badly 6D could not be made.