“Both cities are just going to go off. We're ready to party” - Vicky McClure and Jonny Owen on bringing Day Fever to Scotland

The TV star and her filmmaker husband are bringing their day time clubbing event to Edinburgh and Glasgow this summer.

Day Fever is the brainchild of Vicky McClure and her husband Jonny Owen. Launched in late 2023, it has sold out in venues across the UK, and now it’s coming to Scotland. Catering for the over-30s, it aims to give people the chance to party “and still make it home in time for dinner”. Speaking of the concept Jonny said: “it's basically a daytime nightclub, as odd as that sounds. The aim is to create that world we all grew up with. We all went clubbing in the 70s, 80s and 90s and it's the same music from the era. It's an earlier part of the day - usually from two till seven or three till eight, and you can have a pint if you want to, as well have something to eat at some of them. It’s creating what we used to love going to in those eras - dancing and singing - but in the daytime.”

Day Fever is coming to Edinburgh’s O2 Academy on Sunday May 26 and Glasgow’s BAaD on Saturday 13 April with both shows now sold out. While their London events were big, over 1,000 people, the Edinburgh Day Fever is set to be the biggest yet, with about 2,000 people in attendance - “well done Scotland,” said Jonny. But what are the couple most looking forward to about heading north of the border, with our infamous crowds at gigs? Vicky said, laughing: “I’m a McClure so I know the Scottish vibe runs within me. I've spent a bit of time throughout my career in Scotland and I've always found that Glasgow feels very similar to Nottingham (where Vicky is from) there's always been the same sort of vibe. And I love the tagline. It's about the people. It really does feel like that. Edinburgh, I've spent some time there and it's such a vibrant city. The Edinburgh one is going to be the biggest one but both cities are just going to go off. I think we're ready to party.” Jonny added: “I was really excited about coming to Scotland as I've been going to Glasgow since I was in my teens. You do find that the audiences in Scotland are fantastic, all bands talk about it, don't they. The fact they sold out so quickly - Glasgow went within about three hours and the fact that Edinburgh is the biggest - it's really nice.”

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Can the Scottish crowds expect to see any famous friends of the couple? Jonny said that he’s invited pal Irvine Welsh while Vicky has asked her Line of Duty co-star Martin Compston. Jonny said: “we've asked them and they said they're going to come. I'm hoping that they are as good as their word, so fingers crossed. It’d be great to see them both as well and have a bit of a laugh.”

Along with some potential famous faces, attendees to Day Fever can expect a big dance floor, with no tables and chairs to contend with. It's all very much about the music, and having a good time. The music is curated by Jon McClure of Reverend and the Makers, Vicky and Jonny. Vicky was given an MBE for services to drama and charity after she founded the Dementia Choir, so she’s no stranger to music as a path to bringing people together, and for health. Jonny explained that the tagline for the choir - music is medicine - inspired him for this idea of a day time club that had been ‘milling about his head for a while’. On the music Jonny said: “you’re going to recognise the songs. I'm not really not bothered anymore about hearing super cool stuff. I'm too old - I'm 52. I'd rather go along and have a singsong. Somebody described it (Day Fever) as a bit like a wedding, but without the service. I want to cater for the audience. You're not going to hear songs you don't know, you're going to hear Come on Eileen.”

With a good night out comes a drink or two, followed by scran. Harking back to their night time clubbing days, Vicky said he drinks of choice were Hooch, MD2020 and Thunderbird whereas Jonny was on pints. For an early morning, post clubbing snack Vicky would have had a kebab whereas Jonny was a chips and curry sauce man.

As well as the Scottish crowds, the couple are looking forward to some Scottish food and drink when they’re in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Vicky admitted that, thanks to Martin Compston, she’s now a huge fan of Irn Bru. “I can completely understand and can appreciate Irn Bru to its highest order.It's a real hangover cure. It makes Martin’s day if you take him an Irn Bru on set.” Jonny added: “I think the Scottish breakfast is the best in the world because you've got haggis with it, which is amazing. And black pudding, and a square potato thing (potato scone), and a square sausage. Amazing. So I think Scotland leads the culinary world when it comes to breakfast.”



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