Award winning horror fiction podcast teases final chilling season

One of the world’s most popular horror fiction podcasts is about to launch its fifth and final season, bringing a spine-tingling chill to its dedicated audience of millions around the globe.
The Magnus ArchivesThe Magnus Archives
The Magnus Archives

And Scots now have the chance to get up to speed rapidly on a show that regularly ranks among the best and most terrifying horror podcasts of all time.

The Magnus Archives is a weekly horror fiction anthology podcast that examines what lurks in the mysterious archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird.

It features new chief archivist Jonathan Sims as he takes on the mammoth task of recording audio transcriptions of every file in the institute, which has been running for two centuries, but as a scornful Sims digs deeper, he finds out they’ve stumbled on something truly horrifying in the archive's depths.

It's clearly got listeners hooked as The Magnus Archives is predicted to make one of the largest season debuts in podcast history when it launches its fifth season on Thursday, 2nd April. Rusty Quill, the production company behind the popular show, sees over 2.5million downloads each month and is still growing rapidly.

“We had our hopes for where the new season would take us and we had some estimates, but we have been overwhelmed by the support for our programme which has moved from strength to strength” says Alex J. Newall, director of The Magnus Archives and the voice of Martin Blackwood on the show.

“We hope this latest surge of popularity for The Magnus Archives will help push audio drama to an even wider audience and benefit the whole medium.”

Aimed at anyone who can appreciate its vast catalogue of horrors and excellent production values, The Magnus Archives has earned a range of accolades including best audio drama or fiction podcast at the 2019 Discover Pods Awards, the largest annual podcast awards voted for by fans.

If you're keen to find out what all the fuss is about ahead of the launch of Season 5 on April 2nd, there are over 160 episodes to catch up on since the show debuted in 2016. Its unique format features an anthology-like short horror story in the middle of each episode, bookended by parts of a larger narrative so there’s plenty to get stuck into.

With podcasting and particularly audio-drama evolving hugely in recent years, this new season will push even further to "explore the artistic format of the podcast medium", according to Rusty Quill sources and is set to scare like never before.

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