Are you ready for 101 Men in Kilts?

A new book has brought together 101 men from all walks of life in Scotland and photographed them wearing kilts.
Chris is among the "taps aff" models in the book. PIC: Bob McDevitt.Chris is among the "taps aff" models in the book. PIC: Bob McDevitt.
Chris is among the "taps aff" models in the book. PIC: Bob McDevitt.

Bob McDevitt, who photographed the men over the course of a year, set about the book after identifying a fresh interest in men in plaid.

Mr McDevitt said: “There was no big philosophy to the book but we thought that on the back of Outlander and Kilted Yoga there could be a demand for this sort of thing. It’s really just a bit of fun.”

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Blair. PIC: Bob McDevitt.Blair. PIC: Bob McDevitt.
Blair. PIC: Bob McDevitt.
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This is the first book by Mr McDevitt, who has long worked in publishing and programmes the Aye Write and Bloody Scotland book festivals.

The book brings together men from all corners of the country, including bus drivers, engineers, barbers and doctors.

Mr McDevitt added: “I felt quite strongly that the book should represent men of all shapes and sizes so you have got a good selection in there, from the ‘taps aff’ guys to older guys and wee skinny geeky guys.

Kevin. PIC: Bob McDevitt.Kevin. PIC: Bob McDevitt.
Kevin. PIC: Bob McDevitt.

“There was basically no budget for models so I started off photographing guys that I knew, a lot of them through the theatre.

“A lot of times I would be speaking to people then I would ask them ‘have you got a kilt?’

“Then quite a lot of friends said ‘my guy looks good in a kilt, you should take a photo of him’.”

While Mr McDevitt took to the hills for some of the shots, he also want to avoid an overdose of “tartan and heather” and photographed many of the men in the city.

Paul. PIC: Bob McDevitt.Paul. PIC: Bob McDevitt.
Paul. PIC: Bob McDevitt.
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He added: “I wanted different kinds of photographs to be in there. I also didn’t want it to be 101 white men in kilts so there is an international feel to it to. There are people from different countries who have made Scotland home. I wanted to capture modern Scotland too.”

101 Men in Kilts by Bob McDevitt is in shops now, priced £9.99.