Andy Murray: Playing at Wimbledon means I do more chores

Andy Murray has revealed how playing at Wimbledon means he has to do more household chores including washing up dishes and taking the bins out.

Andy Murray has revealed that playing at SW19 means he has more household chores to get done. Picture: Contributed

The world number one, 30, said the advantage of playing at Wimbledon is getting to stay at home with his wife Kim and their year-old daughter Sophia.

But the tennis ace, whose career takes him around the globe, said he also has to pull his weight around the house.

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He said: “Obviously you get to stay at home. I get to see my family and sleep in my own bed and that’s nice. Obviously as tennis players we are playing all over the world so it’s quite rare for us to play a tournament and get to stay at home. But normally when I’m back for a few days I get asked to do a few things around the house.

“I was doing my washing when I got back the other day and sorting out my laundry and my bags. I take the bins out.

“I’m always stacking the dishes. I’m not a cook so my wife tends to cook and I clean up a lot of the times.”

Despite the home comforts, the two-time Wimbledon champion admitted he still gets nervous playing at SW19.

He said: “It is nerve-racking. I get very nervous and I feel the pressure before Wimbledon every year.

“Definitely the first time I came back as defending champion I did feel a little bit different. Also I was not playing well when I was coming in that year and I’d had the back surgery not so long beforehand.

“I’m thinking I’ll deal with it a little bit better this year.”