Triumphant return of Falkirk’s Soo House pub

A busy bar, bookings for the restaurant, and a last-gasp chance to enjoy some late summer warmth in the beer garden - things are looking good for Falkirk’s born-again Carronbridge Inn.

So says new tenant Stephen Staley, who says he’s delighted former regulars seem happy with the way the return of their previously closed local bar-restaurant has worked out.

The pub, also known as the Soo House, opened on Thursday after it gained its licence from Falkirk Licensing Board following a period of closure.

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A previous change of ownership didn’t work out and to the regulars’ dismay the place folded after a few months, leaving the original owner, Veronica Benwell, with the choice of whether or not to relaunch the venue on a sounder footing.

Tenant Stephen Staley, who runs the Soo House with co-tenant Gillian Staley, is quietly pleased with the way the venue's first weekend back in business is going

With the green light from the licensing board, the place is back in business - and so will be the pool, darts and dominoes teams who were such regular visitors in the past.

Stephen Staley said: “People are really pleased we’re open again, and what we’re doing this weekend is a ‘soft’ opening to see what people think of the place.

“It’s particularly pleasing that we’re seeing new faces along with the people who enjoyed the place before”.

He added: “We’re aiming to be a good all-round pub and restaurant, giving people somewhere they look forward to visiting.

“Things are difficult for many pubs now, especially those which are straightforward drinking places - you really have to offer more.”