Your Views on Hibs' Display

Elliot Young, Dumbiedykes: "John Hughes is a mixture of a tactical genius and a very lucky guy. We were good against a poor Celtic side, but I'm not complaining about that in terms of us coming back from there with three points. I felt Liam Miller was exceptional – he ruled the middle of the park. Along with that the 'Rich Man's Brian Hamilton', Kevin McBride, was spot on right alongside him.

"We showed great spirit, fitness and a massive will to win. We looked compact and capable of hitting Celtic on the break and I think that rocked them a bit. We just refused to lie down, despite a rocky start, and that equaliser really gave us a whole load of confidence. We looked compact and capable of hitting them on the break. Hopefully we can build on the confidence and really go on to push Celtic all the way for second place this year – it's no more than the fans deserve."

Diane Laird, Willowbrae: "Once again Yogi gets it right. Tactics were spot on, the substitutions were spot on and don't you just love the irony of us showing Tony Mowbray how the game should be played?"

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Mike Inglis, Edinburgh/London: "Great win for Hibs and I'm so pleased for Yogi. Well done to the whole team for a great result at a ground which is always so difficult to go to."

Graeme Booth, Leith: "Five pounds on Hibs to win, Hearts got gubbed, the rest of my coupon coming up – life is not too bad at all."

Peter Brown, Lochend: "What a result and what a time of the season to do it – when we're sitting hot on the heels of Celtic and really in a position to put a shot across the bows to them that we're in this for the long haul. Barring a spate of injuries, you can really see us pushing this closer than we have for years. Smith, Stokes and Miller have been the best signings at Hibs since the McLeish/Sauzee era. I'm starting to have the same optimism and eagerness to watch Hibs that I don't think I've had since that time. Here's hoping we can hold this team together and go and take second place."

Mark Summers, Bahrain: "I thought it was telling that the winner resulted from a dive from Celtic's new, slight, Korean midfielder – seems Mowbray is selling a lot of physically robust players at once, and I'm not sure if that is wise from Celtic's perspective. Galbraith stayed very cool to slot the winner, but Smith deserves credit for a great stop from McGeady. Only cloud on the horizon is that if Mowbray goes they might poach Yogi – here's hoping he would see sense."

Bryan Phillips, Marchmont: "What a team, what a manager, what a performance. We're going into a very special time at Hibs that doesn't come around that often. The last time this came around was probably near 2000 in the Sauzee era. Who knows how it will end, but let's just hang on for the ride for now."

Ian Bell, Dunfermline: "How can I put into words how I felt when Danny scored the winner? It was a mental scene all around me as the Hibs fans went Tonto. We started slowly and lost a daft goal after just five minutes and this seemed to hurt the Hibs players as they were shouting at each other to do their jobs better. Midway through the first half as we got back in to the game, Anthony Stokes popped in a header and that seemed to start the Celtic fans off on a sore one.

"We had one or two doggy moments and we were awarded a bit of luck as they piled on the pressure and it was only the brilliance of Smith in goal and Samaras having a nightmare that saved us from losing another goal. We scored the winner at the right time with the last kick of the ball. Well done to all the team, especially Liam Miller and what a game to score your first Hibs goal for Galbraith."

George Campbell, Edinburgh: "The game was ours and we deserved it. Mowbray can look back at a team that he used to manage with a feeling of pleasure at a job well done. I don't think he will get the same time and chances at Celtic as he looks and sounds a broken man as his team and his new fans are a disgrace. Miller is a star and Smith in goals is what we have needed for years."

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Paul Taylor, Inch: "I thought that some of our team came of age last night. Step forward guys like Hanlon, Wotherspoon and Galbraith who put in performances you'd expect from players about ten years older than them. But the star performer out there had to be Liam Miller. I'm not sure how long we'll hold on to him as the Premiership clubs will be looking at him closely but the performance he put on out there was one of the best games of any Hibs player in many years.

"After the equaliser, you just couldn't see Hibs losing and when you see the way chances were coming from all over the team it just goes to show the levels of confidence flowing through this team at the moment. Where will we end up at the end of this season? Hard to say but I don't think we've ever been in greater shape in terms of being in a top-two position."

Glenn Clifford, Parkhead: "It was a great result last night. We were under the cosh for a bit but we persevered and rode it out. The whole team was brilliant in what they were asked to do."

Vee Duffy, Bonnyrigg: "I think Hibs rode their luck at times, but that is the sign of a good side, especially if we're not playing well and still winning."

Bill Howie, Musselburgh: "What a result. Liam Miller is the King of Hibs. An awesome performance from Liam and Hibs. He is the classiest player I've seen in the Scottish Premier League this season by a mile. Special praise also to Kevin McBride, who does all the hard work to allow Miller to play. Well done Hibs."