Your Views on Hibs' Display

Stevie Middleton, Pirniefield: "United were clearly the hungrier team. Rarely have I seen such an insipid performance from a Hibs side. Having said that, the referee was clearly United's best player and some of his decisions were just beyond reason."

Peter Brown, Lochend: "The midfield John Hughes put out there was the weakest I've seen all season. How he can have John Rankin and Lewis Stevenson on the same side of midfield is beyond me. Neither of them can run, neither of them can use their right leg. His tactics are woeful. And, as for Colin Nish – if Benji had been on the pitch he would have scored both of those opportunities. Hughes is a worse manager than Mixu will ever be. Nish is off the boil, everyone knows that, but why can't Hughes see it? He is as stubborn as they come and you've got to think his stubbornness will end up being his downfall here."

Frazer Henderson, Hawkhill: "A spineless, disinterested performance. Both the team and the manager have clearly lost their way and are a shadow of their former selves, even as recently as in December. Yet again we lost the midfield and how on earth Hughes cannot see this when every week the fans in the stands clearly can is beyond me. What promised to be an excellent season in the first few months is petering out into disappointment and underachievement in the same old Hibees way. When will it ever end? After that performance I might not be at another game this season. Why should I bother?"

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Diane Laird, Willowbrae: "The way some people are reacting you'd think we'd fallen from the dizzy heights of Champions League glory! It's time to get rid of the dead wood but, more importantly, it's time to give Yogi a break. The reason he's been inconsistent in finding his best eleven is because he hasn't got eleven consistently decent players. It's impossible to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!"

Harry Swarbrick, Craigleith: "I couldn't believe how empty the stadium was and you can't just blame that on the weather. We're just not interested and I don't know how Hughes can get it through to the players that they're not on their holidays yet. That's his job, though, and, if he can't do it, then he should let someone who knows what they're doing have a shot. Typical Hibs, a season that looked so good only three months ago has totally fallen apart at the seams. I'm not looking forward to going back and thankfully we've only got two or three games left at Easter Road this season."

Frank Taylor, Granton: "We played probably the smallest midfield in Scotland. Did Hughes even look at what they would be up against before the game? Some of his decisions baffle me, like putting Derek Riordan back out wide when he has been at his most effective when playing through the middle."

Simon Taylor, Granton: "How can Hibs justify 20 or more for that rubbish? Why do we bother going? It is a two-way deal and the players aren't pulling their weight. No fight, no passion, no desire to get back into things when they're going wrong. A very disappointing night for the Hibbies but hardly unexpected on recent form. Hughes needs to get a grip or get out. There is nothing that can be done for the Celtic game – surely if there was he would have found it by now."

Keith Thomson, Portobello: "Nish, Stevenson, Thicot – not of sufficient quality for this team and shouldn't be getting their game for Hibs. The jury is even out on Liam Miller now – I think it is becoming clear why we managed to pick up a player that was meant to be of such great quality. Nobody mentioned his inconsistency to me. We'll probably end up sixth on present form and miss out on Europe as usual."

Davie Turner, Lochend: "The referee really spoiled the game and I'm still not convinced it was a penalty for Dundee United. Still, the fact we couldn't bounce back from that says a lot about our lack of spirit. I can't wait for the close season although if we finish fifth that will be cut back by early European qualification. On that performance we don't even deserve to be anywhere near Europe, though."

John Parker, Musselburgh: "At Christmas time, I was thinking about buying a season ticket for next season but this has made sure that I won't even be entertaining the idea any further. I think a lot of fans are really annoyed with Hibs and are voting with their feet – the stadium was empty tonight. If we have 20,000 seats available next year, how many games will sell out, and where is the incentive for reserving one for the whole year? I lost 90 minutes of my life that I won't get back!"

Unhappy Hibby: "There's no doubt the Hibs team all wanted to win but the result of a game is usually dictated by the better team on the day. Although we got off to a fantastic start and were the better team until the questionable penalty equaliser, the true difference between the teams was simply that our keeper was poor, our defence really open, midfield totally lost, and there was no firepower up front. All too often we lost the ball through slow, laboured, unconvincing and inaccurate passes. Dundee United's keeper had nothing to do, their defence was solid, their midfield superb, spreading balls wide to fast attacking wingers who sent telling balls into our penalty area. Their passing was fast, accurate, controlled and crisp. Sorry to admit it, but we were outclassed in all departments. It's talent and ability that wins games, no matter how much you 'want it'. Opponents have now sussed out our style and weaknesses, and the earlier season talent shown by some of our 'stars' seems to have deserted them. Fourth place looks a fair bet now and, with the talent we have, that's a good season."

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George Gibb, North High Street, Musselburgh: "That was rubbish. I'm sick of Yogi playing the wrong team and players out of position."