Winter Olympics: '˜Win at all costs' still Elise Christie's mantra

Elise Christie only knows one form of defence and she vowed to attack again to finally break her Olympic curse.
Elise Christie will throw caution to the wind in her bid for a medal. Picture: AP.Elise Christie will throw caution to the wind in her bid for a medal. Picture: AP.
Elise Christie will throw caution to the wind in her bid for a medal. Picture: AP.

Christie was again left in tears after falling and finishing fourth in the 500m short track speed-skating final.

She struck out for gold on the final lap and – in a repeat of four years ago – it was a decision that ended in tears and certainly cost her that elusive medal she craves.

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However, the Scot insists the tactics that won her three golds at last year’s World Championships will not change – safe is not her style. Win at all costs remains the mantra.

All of which guarantees more fingernail-crunching tension when she races in tomorrow’s 1500m event,

“I’ll still be racing fearless, nothing is going to change with my tactics,” she insisted.

“I had a good cry but I picked myself up the next day. I even felt better that night. I’ve had so much support from back home, which is incredible.”

It’s all in stark contrast to four years ago when Christie, pictured below, was faced with death threats after being disqualified for tangling with a South Korean skater.

Christie has been inundated with messages of support, most notably from two of her heroes.

Dame Kelly Holmes and Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill – who both overcame injuries to strike Olympic gold – contacted the Scot and urged her to keep the faith.

“It meant so much that they found the time to get in touch, they are my two biggest heroes and it’s overwhelming they’ve messaged me,” added Christie.

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“This is a total opposite feeling to four years ago and I feel ready to go again. I’m super focused for the 1000m, which is my last event, because that’s my favourite and best distance.

“I’m trying to still enjoy the moment I’m in and not focus on everything that has gone wrong.

“I know I can do well in the 1500m but it’s never a distance that I focus on. It’s about having a race and getting ready for the 1000m.

“However, I know I’m capable of medaling in it because I’m the world champion at 1500m too. It’s nice to finish with my best event but I’ll be looking to get that medal this weekend too.”

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