Wimbledon 2021: Andy Murray - I have to be asking, is it worth it?

Andy Murray reacts to his straight-sets defeat by Denis Shapovalov and the end of his Wimbledon:

Andy Murray bids farewell to Wimbledon
Andy Murray bids farewell to Wimbledon

“This week has been really good in some ways, but it's been frustrating too. I played two long matches, and that’s really significantly more than anything I have done in the last six months.

“It was great playing in front of the crowds again. I mean, I got amazing support here and I'm very thankful for that. That’s something I have missed and it reminds you, as well of why you do all of the work and everything.

“The positive part is getting through the matches and, you know, feeling okay physically and not sort of getting injured. That's good, but then there is a part of me that feels a bit like I have put in so much work the last three months and, you know, ultimately didn't play how I would want and expect and it's like, is it worth it? Is all of that training and everything that you're doing in the gym, you know, unless you're able to like practice and improve your game and get matches and continue and get a run of tournaments – is it worth all of the work that you're doing?

“There is part of me that feels like, yes, it is, because I have great memories and stuff from this event and playing in some brilliant atmospheres. But I finished the match tonight and I'm saying to my team, like: ‘That's just … I'm just not happy with how I played.’

So unless me and my team can find a way of keeping me on the court for a consistent period of time and allow me to practice the way that I need to to compete with these guys, then, yeah, that's when the discussions about what I do next will come in. Because I have genuinely put a lot into everything to get to this point but I'm not being able to practice and prepare how I need to to perform how I would like at these events. I'm not expecting and saying, like, I would beat Denis Shapovalov. He's a brilliant player. But I feel like I can do a lot better than what I did this evening.”


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