Usain Bolt likely to body swerve Delhi Games

USAIN Bolt is likely to miss this year's Commonwealth Games in Delhi, according to the sprinter's manager.

Ricky Simms was yesterday quoted as saying the Jamaican – the Olympic and world champion over 100 and 200 metres and the 4x100m relay – could not consider the October event a priority.

"It's now looking unlikely Usain will be going to the Commonwealth Games. His priorities have to lie elsewhere," said Simms.

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"First and foremost is his four-year plan leading up to the next Olympics, which is exactly what he did prior to Beijing in 2008.

"This year is all about the Diamond League and a continuation of his preparation for 2012.

The timing of the Commonwealth Games is the issue here. By the start of October, Usain will have needed to have rested and then began his pre-season which is massively important."