Tennis Scotland rewards Edinburgh's pilot scheme

The Murray brothers' legacy is showing signs of fruition with the School of Tennis pilot scheme in Edinburgh having been named as the winning project for Tennis Scotland's Education Programme Award.

The School of Tennis pilot scheme in Edinburgh involved three local secondary schools, with funding from the Tennis Foundation and support from City of Edinburgh Council and Tennis Scotland

The aim of the project has been to revolutionise the way tennis is delivered in secondary schools.

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The participating schools, Firrhill High, Liberton High and James Gillespie’s High, have all taken the School of Tennis name and made huge strides forward over the pilot phase, by embedding tennis into the school curriculum and getting more pupils playing the game in and out of school.

The schools have all been involved in their own projects but have come together on several occasions to share opportunities and take part in competitions.

Around 30 pupils participated in the inaugural “School 
of Tennis Slam” at Craiglockhart.

After a year of establishing tennis in the schools, the next steps will be linking further with the local clubs and developing a sustainable model for delivery of tennis in secondary schools

Firrhill High School has successfully incorporated tennis in to their Senior one and two curriculum and set up a link with a local tennis club and, for a first time, entered this year’s Scottish Schools 
Tennis Championships.

Gillespie’s has also added the sport to the Senior one and two physical education 
classes and an option for S3-6.

Gillespie’s also entered the Scottish Schools Tennis Championships and now have set up recreational and team-based after-school club 
sessions with local coaches and clubs.

Liberton High School has taken an innovative step to timetable tennis for youngsters who are rather disengaged in other aspects of school life.