Speedway: Scotwaste hand bonus to Monarchs

Edinburgh MONARCHS have received a welcome financial boost by confirming that Scotwaste will once again be their main team sponsors in 2012 – the seventh year the West Lothian-based recycling firm have backed the Capital speedway outfit.

At Monarchs’ annual dance at the weekend, Scotwaste boss Stewart Melrose unveiled a well-kept secret by announcing Monarchs will receive a 25 per cent bonus over and above the agreed sponsorship for next season to help them through the winter.

With difficult trading conditions for everybody, Melrose admitted that ploughing further cash into Monarchs was not an easy decision, but said: “Monarchs are having a bit of a tough time at the moment and I didn’t think it would be fair on anybody to turn round and walk away from Monarchs after a six-year association.

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“No-one knows how difficult things will be during the winter, so for us to make a commitment to Monarchs this early when the new season doesn’t start until March, underlines how happy we have been with Monarchs over the last six years.”

Asked what the mutual benefits are for both parties, Melrose added: “I know we will not get back what we put into Monarchs in terms of a purely monetary return, however, Monarchs are something of a sporting institution, and we like to put something back into a society which looks after us.

“And while we don’t get anything back financially, we do receive a lot of goodwill through our tie-up with Monarchs and this is just as important.”

Melrose revealed that a dip in attendances at Armadale over the closing weeks of this season prompted him to give Monarchs a 25 per cent donation. He explained: “I know when crowds are low, Monarchs do suffer, so I thought to myself it would be a nice gesture to give them extra cash over and above what we had agreed for our sponsorship package for 2012.

“It’s been done to help them through the winter.”

Monarchs co promoter John Campbell said: “I would like to thank Stewart for his generosity and everybody at the club is delighted to have Scotwase back on board for another season. Financially it’s been quite a tough year for Monarchs, and to have sponsorship like this confirmed six months before the new campaign begins, is a huge relief to al concerned.”