Speedway: Dyer straits for Micky after injury

Edinburgh Monarchs’ crocked Australian Micky Dyer is likely to be out of action for at least a month after aggravating a foot complaint during 
Sunday’s 52-40 Premier League speedway defeat against 
Glasgow Tigers at Ashfield 

Dyer sustained the injury at home to Berwick Bandits two weeks ago but has bravely 
ridden on for the Capital outfit. But he came a cropper at Glasgow after tumbling off in heat nine and took no further part in the meeting.

He visited hospital yesterday and it was confirmed that he had broken two bones in his left foot and the rider was also advised by Monarchs co-promoters’ Alex Harkess and John Campbell to take time off for his own good.

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“I told him he couldn’t 
contemplate going on with a broken foot,” said Campbell, “because it couldn’t possibly get any better.”

Dyer said: “I’ll have to 
take things easy for a while 
and allow my foot to heal 

Monarchs would only be able to use a National League rider to guest for Dyer, or “we 
could replace him”, added Campbell.

Meanwhile, Dutchman Theo Pijper has not broken his wrist as was first feared after falling off his bike at the conclusion of heat 15 at Glasgow.

He said: “I was trying to pass Joe Screen on the final turn of the race but he closed the 
door on me and I hit his dirt 
deflector. I managed to stay on my bike but my wrist was 

“The medical staff thought it was broken but I thought 
it popped out and back in 

“Thankfully I’ve only got some muscle damage and 
although my wrist is bruised I’ll keep it strapped up for a few days and hopefully I’ll be okay to ride this week.”

Monarchs’ third casualty was Andrew Tully, who has been suffering from back pain for a while.

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He also slithered off on the third and fourth bends in heat 13 and, despite feeling winded, is expected to face Plymouth Devils on Friday.