'Wooden spoon it is then' - Fans and ex-players react to Finn Russell expulsion ahead of Scotland Six Nations opener

Scotland supporters have been joined by former players in expressing their surprise at Finn Russell's expulsion from the team's training camp ahead of the Six Nations opener with Ireland in Dublin.

Finn Russell will play no part in Scotland's Six Nations opener against Ireland

Ian Anderson wrote: "Why not send the whole squad home? Until Gregor Townsend and the CEO get their marching orders, we are pretty much wasting our time. It will be the same game plan that has let us down since Townsend took over, with no Plan B."

Chris Roberts added: "The ignominy of the wooden spoon is nothing compared to relegation into rugby wilderness. Count your blessings Georgia, Romania, Russia etc aren’t knocking on the door."

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Gordon Robertson said: "On the bright side - we normally big-up our chances at this point....then flop in glorious failure. Our underdog-ness will be massive now....so there's every chance that this reverse-psychology will result in a slam."

Darren Thomson tweeted: "Scottish Rugby is already at a low point, this just shows the true attitude and commitment of players, absolute disgrace, not a cheap sport following your national team either. Fans deserve better."

David Shepherd had four words: "Bring. Back. Duncan Weir."

Mark McSherry wrote: "If you leave an information void THAT big it will be filled by inaccurate nonsense very quickly - PR class, first lesson, first minute! - you can’t send a world class player home and leave it like that - get a grip."

Former Scotland player David Sole said: "I don't think that Scotland can be this vague and non-specific on such an important issue. What a shame that this has happened - the primacy of the team has to come first, but this 'breach of team protocol' must be pretty cataclysmic to warrant Russell's exclusion..."

Stuart Gordon added: "Sometimes team-mates need to realise when there is someone special amongst them and they need special treatment. Scotland should remember players of Finn’s ability don’t come around very often and make allowances. Ireland game is now lost."

Ivor Frater joked: "Did he suggest playing expansive rugby, the rebel?"

Allan Martin: "Russell’s relationship with the SRU is fragile at best after what went on. Regardless of the seriousness or otherwise of the “breach of protocol”. This shows poor man management from Gregor Townsend if he couldn’t deal with the issue without losing the players trust entirely."

Josh King tweeted: "Sarries: 'right lads, we're the biggest rugby shock of the week.' Finn Russell: 'Hold my beer'."