Scottish football's strangest squad numbers

From Hicham Zerouali's zero, to Cherif Toure Maman's homage to his basketball jersey, we take a look at some of Scotland's most outlandish squad numbers

Cherif Toure Maman signed for Livingston in 2001 and wore 91 - the number he wore when he played basketball

Disclaimer: Under-20s players allocated higher numbers, who have made first-team appearances while wearing said numbers, are omitted from the list e.g. Anthony Ralston at Celtic, or Oli Shaw at Hibs. Everyone else is fair game, however.

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Honourable mentions go to Celtic’s Olivier Kapo (77); Sander Puri of St Mirren (88); Jordon Love who wore 94 for Dundee United; Dundee pair Jeremy Malherbe (67) and Kevin Gomis (55) and Mohamadou Sissoko at Kilmarnock, who wore 88.