Saracens v Glasgow: Euro Champions Cup quarter-final bingo

What to look out for Allianz Park this afternoon....

Saracens' Jim Hamilton poses during the Heineken Presents Take the Hit with School of Hard Knocks, a charity which works to tackle unemployment through rugby. To donate, visit Picture: Christopher Lee/Getty Images for Heineken Rugby

1 Maro Itoje waving and flapping his arms around at a Glasgow lineout like the English international is attempting to conduct an orchestra of the short sighted.

2 Brian Alainu’uese squaring up to big Jim Hamilton, pictured.

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3 Jim Hamilton squaring up to someone… anyone.

4 Finn Russell’s clearance kick almost getting charged down and the fly-half giving a “phew” look of relief to Peter Horne alongside him.

5 Saracens’ big ball carriers targeting Glasgow’s soft underbelly in the 9, 10, 12 channel, especially from a throw to the back of the lineout, with Brad Barrittt doing some damage.

6 Glasgow sending lots of runners headed down Chris Ashton’s channel just to see the look of growing panic on the winger’s face as he attempts to work out who he should be marking.

7 Saracens full-back Alex Goode moving at the same speed as molasses and still beating the first two tacklers with some fancy footwork.

8 Players from both sides appealing to the referee and Jerome Garces dismissing them all with that Gallic “I sneer at all of you because you are not French” thing that he does.

9 Owen Farrell lining up a kick, putting the ball on the tee and checking the posts haven’t moved...again.... and again.... and again.

10 Glasgow fans out-shouting the home support with “We are Warriors, we are Warriors” coming over loud and clear the very first time Glasgow sneak into Saracens’ red zone.