Glasgow Warriors anger over Ryan Wilson citing

Ryan Wilson.  Picture: Ian RutherfordRyan Wilson.  Picture: Ian Rutherford
Ryan Wilson. Picture: Ian Rutherford
Glasgow Warriors coach Gregor Townsend has expressed his disappointment with the treatment of Ryan Wilson after the player was dragged through a disciplinary hearing this week before being cleared.

The flanker was accused of grabbing an opponent by the testicles during a European Cup match in Northampton but it appears there was never any real evidence against him.

Broadcast footage of Sunday’s match showed him putting out a hand to hold back Saints scrum-half Lee Dickson by grabbing his shorts but the camera was behind Dickson and did not show where Wilson made contact. Despite the lack of conclusive footage he was cited.

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Glasgow are not prepared to make an official complaint, but sources at the club say citing official Jeff Mark made the complaint purely on the basis of TV evidence without talking to Dickson. It is understood the case was quickly dismissed when the disciplinary officials rang Dickson who said nothing untoward had happened.

Townsend said: “The case was dismissed pretty quickly. I was disappointed that it went to a hearing, especially the nature of the accusation, the media that is created, and the embarrassment for someone like Ryan. People have to be pretty sure if they are making those citings for something as serious as this.”