Fans react to Sky Sports beating BT Sport for Scottish football TV rights

The SPFL announced on Monday a new five-year TV deal with Sky Sports, while also revealing that BT Sport will cease live broadcasts of Scottish football starting in 2020.

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Sky Sports wins battle for Scottish football with new TV deal

As you can expect, there was plenty of reaction to this news on social media. We’ve since collated some of the stand-out tweets.

@nareystoepoker: “When you hear that there’s going to be five years of Sky Sports’ ‘we don’t give the tiniest shit about Scottish football’ coverage. Five years. And the League Cup is going to be behind a Premier Sports paywalls too.”

SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster. Picture: SNS

@pintsandpens: “If BT Sport cared enough they would’ve won the rights. Just hope sky brings over BT’s production crew and pundits. Rather not have to listen to more of Andy Walker.”

@rosspilcher: “Sky missed a trick by only using the Old Firm in their graphic. Should have done 12 team one but with Dundee Utd snuck in instead of Dundee and properly triggered everyone.”

@LewisCumming: “Literally couldn’t have picked a better picture to illustrate the reason most football fans in Scotland hate Sky Sports. Mind the other 10 teams?”

@McDougall1994: “Sky Sports paid the money BT Sport didn’t want to. Complain about coverage all you like but BT clearly don’t care about Scottish football the way people claim.”

@goddamnpal: “Snider with Sky beating BT but let’s put the sentiments aside, BT clearly didnae offer enough money for all they value our fitba and they are hardly skint so it’s their own fault int it.”

@DuncMcKay: “A long night ahead on Twitter with loads of folk acting like the SPFL haven’t acted exactly like the team they support wanted them to.”

@mhendry92: “Sad to see BT Sport lose Scottish football. They did so much to build it up. Hope Sky Sports show it the same respect and it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.”

@mcgowan_stephen: “Good luck to BT hanging on to those Scottish subscriptions now.”

@CallumCarson34: “No issues at all with SPFL trying to get as much money as possible for TV rights. Sky coverage has been utter s***e, though, so sincerely hope they up their game.”

@AgentScotland: “Loved the fresh approach BT offered the SPFL & while Sky aren’t many peoples favourite broadcaster, they’re the only broadcaster who put their hand in their pocket. BT for all the good the guys on the shop floor did were badly let down by their bosses. Money talks, b******t walks.”

@DaveFeatures: “Pity BT Sport didn’t value Scottish football highly enough to continue their coverage of the Premiership. Glad Sky are prepared to stump up the cash to show it.”

@rossdunbar93: “Find it a bit wtf that we are going to be locked into a broadcasting deal until 2026 given what is happening in the industry ...”

@Fraser_Clarke: “Gutted. Really, really gutted. BT’s coverage was a breath of fresh air, always entertaining and well informed. Over to Sky to try and replicate that.”