Fans react as Alfredo Morelos sent off 12 minutes into Steven Gerrard's first league game

Steven Gerrard's first league match as manager of Rangers didn't get off to the best of starts with Alfredo Morelos receiving a red card just 12 minutes in.

Alfredo Morelos is given his marching orders by referee Kevin Clancy. Picture: PA
Alfredo Morelos is given his marching orders by referee Kevin Clancy. Picture: PA

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The Colombian striker was caught kicking out at Aberdeen defender Scott McKenna after the Scottish international barged into him off the ball.

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As usual, Scottish football Twitter immediately leapt on the incident with many fans giving their opinion.


@Calverz: “I cant believe Morelos got a straight red for that. Everyone talks about the Scottish game being physical as a strength and **** like this happens. Refs need to be professional in Scottish game. Absolutely ridiculous.”

@FraserWilson95: “Nah man ,Morelos’ sending off is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.”

@jamal_ginzburg: “Alfredo Morelos just got sent off for being pushed twice. F****** incredible decision.”

@MarkBFoot: “That red card for Morelos is embarrassing for all Scottish football, after all the Ryan Jack stuff last year you’d think the SFA would stop with this. It’s a yellow for both, McKenna for barging people off the ball and Morelos for reacting. Nothing more. The state of referees.

@BigScotsBear: “See it clearly on the replay, Morelos is barged twice in the space of a few seconds. No he shouldn’t have kicked out but yet again, Aberdeen players allowed to do whatever they want knowing they’re being protected. New season, same old bulls***.”

@AaronGraham03: “That’s 3 times in the last 3 games at Pittodrie we’ve been wronged. First with Ryan Jack’s red card. Next with the penalty Morelos gave away which was never a penalty. And now Morelos has been shown a red card for something that’s a yellow at most.”


@cammy1874: “Canny kick folk it’s a red card every day of the week that Morelos is a f****** idiot.”

@CraigHope_DM: “Morelos kicks out at McKenna, that’s why it’s a red card. He’s given the referee a decision to make. Don’t understand those who say it’s “harsh”. It’s stupid.”

@alanforbes4: “Out of order by Morelos, got to go for that. Absolute animal.”

@lainiweiz: “Great spot from the assistant ref to see Morelos kick out at the Aberdeen player. Too bad none of them have eye sight that good when Scott Brown is elbowing people left, right and centre.”


@AlmostFrazzled: “If that’s a straight red for Morelos I expect Motherwell to finish every game with about 8 men on the park.”

@BatchyHD: “No ideal Morelos got sent off 10 mins into this game but look on the bright side. Stevie G will be forced to start someone other than Morelos.”

@RacheeeelSmith: “Steven Gerrard talking to his guys about the importance of discipline before today’s game and Morelos gets sent off 12 mins in.”

@calumpaterson67: “Morelos deserves to be sent off for that f****** haircut.”

@CelticNation67: “The good news for Sevco is that Morelos won’t need his Jersey washed... That’ll save some money on Daz.”