'Even Namibia scored 22 against Italy' - Fans react to Scotland's 27-3 defeat by Ireland in Rugby World Cup opener

Scotland supporters have had their say after Gregor Townsend's men went down 27-3 to Ireland in a chastening start to their World Cup campaign.
Chris Harris and Ali Price look dejected at the end of the Pool A clash in YokohamaChris Harris and Ali Price look dejected at the end of the Pool A clash in Yokohama
Chris Harris and Ali Price look dejected at the end of the Pool A clash in Yokohama

One fan wrote: "The blame lies squarely with the SRU. Allowed themselves to be played by Townsend with his threats to go to France. Vern [Cotter] in charge would have been so much better, some of the best players we have had in years and time and time again abject failure."

Bryan Allan added: "Worst performance by any nation at the World Cup so far. Even Namibia scored 22 against Italy."

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Gordon Watson: "Absolutely horrific to watch, definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Townsend has ruined this talented bunch that Cotter built up."

Malcolm McCandless wrote: "SRU should be ashamed of themselves for sending out these clowns to represent Scotland in the World Cup in Japan."

Jenny Casson took a different approach: "I feel it's a good time to remind the lads that we love them to bits. Hope Hamish is feeling better soon."

Calum Elliot said: "Woeful stuff. Nobody can tell me that we've not gone backwards under Toony."

John Fisher wanted to see changes: "So much optimism, and they deliver that. Changes needed. Price, Cummings, Harris, Graham in. Japan will fancy there chances now."

Graham Beveridge quipped: "How much are the SRU paying Townsend? Whatever it is I’ll use the same tactics for half the price!"

Mark Welsh tweeted: "Damn disgrace that is! Pick an 8 that cant get over the gainline, going wide when it was never ever on! So much for leadership. That was one of, if not the, worst World Cup performance I have ever seen. Disgrace, total disgrace."

Dave Amos added: "Shameful display, Ireland had more passion, guile and way more ambition. If this is the best Townsend can do then best he and the team get on a plane home now."

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Bobby Livingston mused: "I hate to say it but going by that performance Scotland won't even finish second in the group. Have you ever thought of getting a really good manager like Vern Cotter?"

Andy Mathie wrote: "Feel like the school bully just stole our sweets."

Ross Edgar was concerned: "No plan. No real idea what they were doing. All very good having all the attacking talent in the world when you cant do the basics and give them a platform to succeed. The entire team look under coached. Japan will run us very close."

Douglas Gray had some questions: "Have we trained together? Looks like we met on the bus on the way to the game. Forwards have been poor since [Dan] McFarland left coaching setup. Can't win games if you don't have the ball."

One supporter was staying positive: "Disappointing start to the tournament! However, I have faith in the team and that we can pull back. Just need stop the silly mistakes, keep our heads up, when we are chasing and get back to the fighting spirit before next game."

Graeme McKenzie said: "Simply not good enough, yes Ireland were better but mistakes and poor decisions cost us and let's be honest we've been saying that for years."

Last word to Jock McLay: "So disappointing. I always look for the positives when we play but there weren’t many. Some moments of flair and brilliance but too many forced errors. We were outplayed and shouldn’t have been. Scotland errors gave Ireland the win."

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