'Disappointed, angry and abandoned; Townsend has to walk' - Scotland fans react to Rugby World Cup exit after Japan loss

Scotland fans took to Twitter to express their anger and disappointment after exiting the Rugby World Cup at the pool stage after a 28-21 loss to hosts Japan.
Dejection for Scotland after exiting the Rugby World Cup after losing to hosts Japan in YokohamaDejection for Scotland after exiting the Rugby World Cup after losing to hosts Japan in Yokohama
Dejection for Scotland after exiting the Rugby World Cup after losing to hosts Japan in Yokohama

Craig Hamilton wrote: "Japan has shown [Scotland] how to play quick expansive and most importantly accurate rugby. Something Scotland try to deliver but fail to do. Well done Japan."

Louis Burrows added: "Townsend out. And I'd be happy for him to take [Finn] Russell with him. Very happy to see Japan progress, they were the better team, we were utterly abysmal."

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Another supporter echoed calls for the head coach to leave, tweeting: "Townsend has to walk. We have gone into every game this year with no game plan. Nothing is being changed. He's taken us from fifth in the world to barely deserving to be called a Tier 1 nation. We need a new coach to take a team with a point to prove into the Six Nations."

Graeme McKenzie quipped: "At least they made a fist of it, I was worried at one point they were gonna fold like the [Scotland] football team."

David Smith had a request: "Can we please have our Glasgow team back now?"

Duncan Adams wrote: "Well done Japan! They deserved and wanted it more! Townsend needs to start getting the team ready for the first kick and we never seem to wake up till after half-time! Game plan didn’t work today, good luck to a good Japan team."

Alan Wade suggested: "Time for Townsend to step down and Russell also. Causes as many defeats as wins."

Peter Elder tweeted: "Questions have to be asked, we've gone backwards at an alarming rate in the last two years, and this exit is the culmination. The coaches and tactics have to come under severe scrutiny after this performance."

Fabio Marra said: "An awful Six Nations, then annihilated by Ireland, f****** outplayed by Japan for the whole first half and out of the Rugby World Cup without even getting to the quarter-finals. Sorry, but coach's time is up. This is simply not acceptable."

Keith Bowie added: "Congratulations to Japan on a great win. We’ve gone backwards since we got rid of Cotter. Townsend needs to go as does [SRU chief Mark] Dodson."

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One fan fumed: "Not acceptable at all - outplayed for 60 minutes of the game first try and then not being in [Japan's] 22 for over 40 minutes is truly embarrassing. Well played Japan, can't fault them for a hard craft given the circumstances they've been through and still going through."

Caomhan Macandra tweeted: "One team wanted that more, and it definitely wasn't us! Think this should be the curtain closing on the Townsend era. We've gone backwards."

Ewan Grant wrote: "Congratulations to Japan. Great to watch. Dynamite attack and brutal defence. Time for Townsend to do the honourable thing now and move on. International rugby was a step too far."

Tom Hewat said: "Congratulations Japan, you guys deserve to come top of the group, and I'll cheer you guys on for the rest of the tournament."

Iain Groundwell added: "Brilliant display by Japan who totally deserved to win. Scotland outplayed in the first 50 minutes and left themselves far too much to do."

Michael Stowe said: "I wouldn’t go so far to say betrayal, but all Scots are feeling incredibly disappointed, angry and abandoned right now. The SRU needs to take a look at itself, the people responsible and act accordingly. We should not accept being knocked out at this stage, but this year it’s what is deserved!"

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