Best Twitter reactions as Craig Levein calls out Brendan Rodgers

Craig Levein has responded to Brendan Rodgers' comments about the Tynecastle pitch - and he's not pulling any punches.

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Craig Levein: So if we cut grass short, then we'll go to finals? Unbelievable

The Hearts manager used words like “nonsense” and “unbelievable” to describe Rodgers’ take that the long grass at Tynecastle was borne out of the same sort of mentality which stops Scottish football from progressing.

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The ex-Scotland boss instead accused the Parkhead manager of being part of a wider problem by recruiting loanees from other clubs rather than relying on players from the youth academy.

As expected, fans from both sides flocked to Twitter to have their say on Wednesday morning. We’ve collected a few of the best...


@max83celtic: “4-6-0 he played in Prague when he was Scotland manager should have seen him hit with a lifetime ban from football! How he has the b***s to be anywhere near a football stadium is astonishing.”

@bill_murray_: “If they’re good enough they’ll play. Case in point - KT. Hearts have to play boys, Celtic can choose to. That doesn’t make Levein a youth development guru. Another example of his woeful deflectionary rhetoric that Hearts fans have bought into.”

Brendan Rodgers and Craig Levein shake hands prior to kick-off. Picture: SNS

@BrotherCeltic: “Openly admitting you left the grass longer to prevent passing football is as embarrassing as it gets. A true dinosaur of the Scottish game. The quicker we get rid of these type of individuals the better.”

@ABurningPride: “Has been & will forever be a mediocre manager playing boring football. His first ambition is always to kill the game. It’s why he’s never won a thing.”

@Slimshady1961: “To be fair, I have never heard any Celtic manager be as explicit about pro-Rangers bias as Levein was against Mike McCurry back in the EBT years. But yes his attacks on Brown & Rodgers are personal and nasty.”

@ticman2013: “Safe to say I despise Levein more than any other manager in the premiership.”

@frankie_gault: “That lack of respect shows Hearts up for what they are. And this is from Budge through Levein down to the players. Hearts gained so much respect with how they sorted their financial woes but this stunt was cheap, tasteless and totally lacking in class.”

@_effes: “As much as I don’t like Levein, he’s doing what’s best for his team within the rules. No complaints, hail, hail.”

@Robert_mac88: “First game v Hearts at home next season I’d love to unveil a surprise statue of Albert Kidd just to see Levein’s combust in fury. His anger has been one of the highlights of the season.”


@RJBorthwick: “Craig Levein could be winding you up right now and you won’t know until it’s too late, Man is a god.”

@MONeil1974: “Craig Levein Hypeman - 10/10. Craig Levein manager - 4/10.”

@Lynny_5_1: “Craig Levein... standing up for Hearts against the rest of Scottish football and Media. He’ll do for me. Now, its time to strengthen the squad and put a more effective team on the park next season.”

@HFT3102000: “Everyone overlooking that we lost the game. We had a long unbeaten run on a pitch that was watered & shorter grass, we beat Celtic on that type of pitch but then Levein changes pitch and we lose. Brendan can gtf but Levein is just as bad as we LOST the game.”

@HeartsThough: “Craig Levein single-handedly making up for every boring footballer on earth.”

@RFBorthwick: “I would like to drink these quotes through my eyeball so it gets into my bloodstream quicker.”


@markbenstead: “Craig Levein 2.0 is excellent value for us in the media. The best reboot since Batman.”

@mstewart_23: “As much as I would want to play on a slick park with short grass. I’ve got to agree with Craig Levein here. It’s Hearts ground and it’s up to him to have the park the way he wants.”

@SPFLweekly: “Jack Aitchison, PJ Crossan, Jamie Lindsay, Mark Hill, Calvin Miller, Mikey Johnson. All players older than the ones who have been given debuts at Hearts this season. Not a sniff of a 1st team chance at Celtic for any of them either. Sad to see and a point well made from Levein.”

@LHM1983: “I’m not a big fan of Levein but it’s good to see someone telling Brendan to **** off.”

@Shuttsapalooza: “Craig Levein attacks more in interviews than he does in away games against the Czech Republic.”

@CraigyAnderson: “Craig Levein really isn’t keen on Brendan Rodgers, is he? Did Rodgers p*** on his chips or something? That said, Rodgers bleating about the turf at Tynecastle was ridiculous.”

@NJ_McLean: “Is it too late to sack off this whole Stevie G thing and get Levein? Just for the banter?”