Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul: who is Tyson Fury's brother, what is his boxing record – and will he fight the YouTuber?

The pair have been caught up in a war of words via social media after Tyson challenged the YouTube star to face Fury in the ring

Tommy Fury (left) and Jake Paul (right) have been engaging in a war of words via Instagram over a challenge to fight in the boxing ring (Getty Images)

Love Island star Tommy Fury and YouTuber Jake Paul have found themselves in the midst of some social media “beef”.

To the delight of their fans, the two have been engaging in a war of words via Instagram over a challenge to fight in the boxing ring.

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It comes as Fury, who competes in the light heavyweight division of the sport, won his most recent match with a second-round knockout of Scott Williams.

So, who is Tommy Fury, how did the situation with Jake Paul begin - and what is the latest update?

Here is everything you need to know.

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Who is Tommy Fury?

Tommy Fury, 21, shot to fame during the 2019 series of reality TV show Love Island.

During his time in the villa, the professional boxer, from Manchester, met his current girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague.

Molly-Mae, also 21, is a social media influencer from Hertfordshire.

The pair went on to become runners-up in the ITV2 dating show after finding love, and they now live together in Cheshire.

Fury had taken time off from boxing to feature on the show, but took the sport back up professionally after the series ended.

Is Tommy Fury related to Tyson Fury?

It’s no surprise that boxing is in Fury’s blood, since he is the half-brother of heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury.

The pair have different mothers but the same father, John Fury, who was also a professional boxer during the 1980s and 1990s.

Tyson has been a well-known boxer for over a decade so has helped to boost Fury’s profile in the sporting world.

Since becoming professional, Fury, who is 6ft tall, has scored five wins.

He extended his undefeated record last weekend during the fight against Williams.

What is the situation between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul?

The celebrity “argument” kicked off on Tuesday 2 March after Tyson challenged Paul to fight his younger brother on Twitter.

Tyson was praising Fury’s performance after he defeated Williams when he wrote at the bottom of the Tweet: “Jake Paul, where you at?"

The American YouTuber, who has only recently entered the boxing world, was quick to respond.

He said: “He calls me out to fight someone – his brother! I didn’t even know he had a brother.

“You are Fury’s little brother? If you want to do something don’t let your brother do it for you.”

Paul, who has 14.6 million Instagram followers and describes himself as “the future of boxing”, proceeded to challenge Fury to call him out on social media himself if he wanted a boxing match.

Fury didn’t hesitate to reply to Paul, 24, in his own Instagram video.

Walking through his house, Tommy warned Paul: “Mr Jake Paul, I don’t need anybody to do my dirty work. I’ll call you out right now myself.

“You can fight me any time, any place, anywhere. All you’ve got to do is get in touch.”

Predictably, the war of words between the pair greatly amused their followers, with many wondering how Paul would respond to the call-out.

Sure enough, Paul posted another video to Instagram targeting the former reality TV star.

Putting on a fake English accent, he declared: “Crikey this is my big moment! Tyson, Tyson, big brother Tyson, Jake Paul has responded to your tweet! He has called me out!”

Escalating the tensions further, Paul proceeded to make fun of Fury’s eyebrows before calling him “goofy”.

What is the latest update?

The situation between the pair seems to be never ending, as Fury has once again taken to social media to hit back at Paul.

In a hilarious clip, Fury donned a blonde wig and stuck a strip of paper to his eyebrow to mimic Paul’s slit.

Attempting an American accent and pacing through his house, he retorted: “Sorry bro, I didn’t see you there, I was too busy being a massive p***y.”

Resorting back to his Mancunian twang, Fury added: “Jesus Christ, I don’t know how you take yourself seriously looking like this.

“My god. I’ve put it on a plate for you, I’ve asked if you wanted to fight, and you’ve decided to laugh it off, as per usual.”

Fury then went on to insult Paul’s profession as a YouTuber, which has gained him a huge online following over the years.

“Stick to your little YouTube videos behind your little desk and don’t come over to this boxing world because you’ll get laid out in 30 seconds flat,” he warned.

Paul has not yet responded to the video, but he usually does not let these things go lightly.

Will there be Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul?

Despite only competing in the sport for two years, Paul has sound boxing experience.

The YouTube star has two professional fights to his name, and will face former UFC welterweight contender Ben Askren on 17 April.

Fans of both Fury and Paul will be hoping they square off, but as the war of words continues there is no confirmation of an actual match just yet.