Figure skater unable to train for international competition after airline loses her skates

Karly Robertson has been unable to train since the airline lost her skates.Karly Robertson has been unable to train since the airline lost her skates.
Karly Robertson has been unable to train since the airline lost her skates.
Scottish figure skater Karly Robertson has been unable to train for her next major international competition after an airline lost her luggage - with her skates inside.

Ms Robertson, a former British champion who trains in Dundee, was travelling back from Hungary, where she competed in a challenger series event at the weekend with Dundee coach Andrew Smith.

But her luggage went missing during the journey with German airline Eurowings after a plane was delayed - forcing a stopover in Cologne - and has still not been returned five days later.

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Eurowings confirmed today that it would deliver the luggage to the skater's home "shortly".

Ms Robertson had been trying to source new boots and blades to allow her to get back on the ice - ahead of her competition in Latvia at the beginning of November - however her coach said that breaking in new skates could be a major setback just before a competition.


Coach Simon Briggs said: "Karly was travelling back with Andrew on Saturday. Their flight was delayed and had to stay overnight in Cologne. Already at this point the bag was lost.

"Then when she finally arrived home on Sunday after a train journey to Frankfurt and a flight to Edinburgh there was still no bag. Of course the skates have to be in the hold and can not be taken on board.

"She has phoned every day and at first they said they were in Germany. The next time they were still in Hungary and every time they will arrive the next day bit they haven't. So already she hasn't been able to train since skating on Friday. We are scheduled to leave on the 6th November to Latvia."

Skating manufacturer HD Sports has offered to source new blades, but Briggs warned that skating in new boots could affect Ms Robertson's performance.

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He said: "It is tough because at this stage the last thing you want is to be breaking in new boots. If the others do not arrive then no other option and HD Sports have been amazing for us."

A spokeswoman for Eurowings said: "Karly’s luggage has been handed over to the baggage delivery service today and will be brought to Karly’s permanent address shortly."

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