Cricket Scotland vows to 'look forward' after report reveals sexism and discrimination

Chief executive says findings are ‘completely unacceptable’ and says change will come

Cricket Scotland chief executive Trudy Lindblade has described a report that reveals sexism has been part of the sport in this country as an “damning indictment”.

The report, which was commissioned by Cricket Scotland to independent firm McKinney HR, unearthed evidence that women have been treated differently from their male counterparts and that specific needs of women can be dismissed or not considered. The findings also showed a high degree of prejudice and discrimination towards both female staff and players and while there are no current examples of misogyny, make-up of committees and under representation of female game officials were cited as reasons for the current situation.

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Ms Lindblade, who was appointed CEO last year, said: "It is evident that Cricket Scotland allowed behaviours to take place that were disrespectful, demeaning and deeply concerning, and that these were allowed to continue for a significant period. This is completely unacceptable, and I wholeheartedly apologise to every single person who was affected and let down by the governing body."

A report has highlighted more issues within Cricket Scotland.A report has highlighted more issues within Cricket Scotland.
A report has highlighted more issues within Cricket Scotland.

Speaking on BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme, Ms Lindblade continued: "There has been a significant change in leadership and personnel. We have to be patient, but that's OK because we know where we want to go. Everybody wants to move past this time that we're going through. It's been a really difficult time, whether you're an employee playing on the weekends, or whether you're a member of a club or a committee. Everybody is ready to look forward and we all want to do that together."

Within nine recommendations for Cricket Scotland to implement were increased investment in the women's game, establishing a process to call out sexism and discrimination in the sport and creating a "clear and transparent process" for complaints.

The new findings arrive on the back of a report two years ago that deemed Cricket Scotland's governance and leadership to be "institutionally racist".