Judy Murray: '˜Andy has always been a fighter'

Andy Murray's mother Judy could hardly hide her pride after seeing her son climb to the top of the world.
Judy Murray. Picture: Ian GeorgesonJudy Murray. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Judy Murray. Picture: Ian Georgeson

She told Good Morning Britain: “I was just absolutely so chuffed for him because I know better than anybody how hard he works and how much he’s put into his tennis since he started playing as an eight year old.

“It’s a great reward for him, he’s been so patient and so resilient and he’s such a great fighter, never gives up. It’s been fab.”

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Judy believes Andy has reached the summit at the most difficult time with the top of the men’s game being so competitive, and expects him to have a fight on his hands to retain his status.

She added: “It probably means a whole lot of pressure actually, you’re the one at the top that everybody wants to beat.

“It says you’ve got to the pinnacle of your sport and I think to do it in this era of tennis where the strength and depth in the men’s game is so vast and the top four players have been dominant for such a long time. He’s done it in a very dominant year so there’s a lot to be very proud about.”

“He’s been very, very focused this year and I mean he’s such an incredible competitor and fighter on the court and away from the court he’s one of the most laid-back people you’re most likely (to meet) and I think if anything, he’s become even more laid back away from the court and since he had the baby and even more driven on it, so it’s been a great thing.”