Hibs: You're the Boss

PAUL MUNRO thinks Hibs can beat the odds and get a win tomorrow and the Hawkhill Hibby thinks the Hibees' last win at Tynecastle can be inspiration.

What would your team and formation be? We're toiling with injuries and suspensions and it will be a bench full of kids. Steven Thicot and Ian Murray in the middle of defence with Patrick Cregg, John Rankin and Danny Galbraith in the midfield, and three up front.

What are Hearts' strengths and weaknesses? There's obviously a bit of tension in respect of the captaincy and that can't be helping them. Strength wise, they had us in their pockets at Tynecastle and hopefully Yogi has a different gameplan for this one

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How will you counter their strengths and exploit their weaknesses? It's all about Yogi being able to change things during the game if they're not working out. We're a bit stuck this week in terms of the number of absences but we need to have a plan B in place in case we go behind.

What do Hibs have to do to win the game? If we put in the effort and persevere then we'll get a result. We went to Tynecastle with practically a reserve team last May and came away with three points so it can be done. Three points here and we would be on a high going to Motherwell.