Hibs: Your Say

HIBS fans are raging about the capitulation at Hamilton ..

Jim McLennan, The Inch: "I won't set foot into Easter Road again this season – Saturday was the most embarrassing defeat for any Hibee. How can the players have the nerve to reportedly laugh and joke during the warm-down after a display like that? It proves that they could not care less. As for Yogi, it is time to go."

Jimmy, Mayfield: "That was the final straw, Yogi must go now. Simply not good enough."

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Steve McKenzie, Bellevue: "Every single one of those players should be ashamed of themselves. I doubt we will pick up a single point before the end of the season because, apart from a couple of exceptions, we have a team who look like they're not bothered at all."

Lewis Hall, Edinburgh: "Now it's time to consider the future of Yogi. As shown in the past, having former players as the manager rarely works. Although the team got off to the lucky start they had at the beginning of the season, the squad have been overrated. And when will we ever get such a favourable draw in the cup again?

James McLennan: "Driving back in the bus from that embarrassing performance and the guy on the radio says the Hibs players are having a laugh and joke on the pitch during their warm-down. If that was the case, that is a big slap in the face to all the Hibs fans who have travelled all season to watch this garbage."

George Gibb: "Don't just blame Yogi, the players should take a long, hard look at themselves. If any of them want to move on, who would want them when they play like this every week?"

Tam Dolan, Leith: "There has to be a clear-out of players who clearly are not good enough or are not trying hard enough. Yogi and the board have to get it right in the summer. I think Yogi's the man for the job but, for me, it's up to the board to take a chance. Let's make a few quality signings or the club – or we'll face a lot of punters not returning and not filling the shiny new stand."

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