Hearts: Final Answer

We asked what the fans think about the new 'Sport Director' Aleksandr Metlitski

Gary Keenan, Loanhead: "The appointment came out of the blue a bit but, if the guy is going to be negotiating contracts with players, the timing makes sense. Hopefully, this means we will definitely bring players in."

Kevin Steele, Dalkeith: "I don't see a problem with it as long as the Sporting Director gets on with his job and allows Csaba Laszlo to get on with his job. If they work as a team, it'll be fine but, if he steps on Csaba's toes, it could be a disaster."

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James MacIntyre, Murrayfield: "I don't see the point of bringing in someone else who will take a wage from the club. Surely Csaba and Vladimir Romanov could discuss targets and wages together without needing a go-between."

Robert Watters, Liberton: "I think there's a tendency for Hearts fans to think the worst whenever an appointment like this is made because of Romanov's record. However, I don't think that this will make any difference to the day-to-day running of the club."

Alex Hood, Craiglockhart: "It's hard to know what impact the new appointment will make. The most important thing is Csaba being happy. If he approves of the new Sporting Director, I don't have a problem with him signing on at Tynecastle."

Oliver Lawson, Liberton: "If he comes in and helps Csaba out, then that can only be a good thing for Hearts. At least the new Sporting Director speaks German so he will be able to communicate easily with Laszlo."

Peter Melrose, Pencaitland: "Vlad seems to like having a Sporting Director around the club and, if his role is restricted to helping to negotiate deals, then it's fine. Csaba must have total control over team affairs though."

James Mallon, Sighthill: "Like so many things in the Romanov era, it's all very strange. If we need a Sporting Director, why not allow Csaba to have a say in who gets the job? That would be much better for everyone concerned."

Darren Alston, Straiton: "I don't know why we need a new Sporting Director. We have managed fine since Korobochka left so it's not a role that we desperately need to fill. Another needless appointment."

Paul Blyth, Balgreen: "It's not a big issue when compared to our attempts to bring in new players. If this guy helps Csaba to land the players he wants, then he will be accepted by most Hearts fans."

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