Hearts: Final Answer

We asked Hearts fans if 4-3-3 is the best formation for the side.

Gordon Connor, Edinburgh: "Formations are only good and will only work properly if the personnel is right. 4-3-3 can immediately turn into a 4-5-1 when the opposition have the ball if we have the correct players in place to implement the system."

Robert Meikle, Newington: "If it's good enough to beat Celtic in the manner that we did, then I think that it'll prove to be a very successful tactic in the SPL. Rudi Skacel is the key man because he has the ability to unlock defences as he showed when he picked out the pass to set up Templeton against Celtic."

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Steven Kennedy, Newington: "I really like the look of the new system. It's almost as if Jim Jefferies is trying to recreate the famous Clark, Robertson and Colquhoun combination with Kyle, Elliott and Templeton. So far, so good for the new system."

Alan Young, Ross-shire: "As long as we can keep Kevin Kyle fit and performing well then I think that 4-3-3 could work a treat. If we send the big man out with a remit to keep the centre-backs busy then guys like Skacel, Suso, Templeton, Elliot and Elliott could reap rewards."

Fraser Watson, Westfield: "I think that, with the players that we have available at the moment, it is probably the system that suits us best. It allows us to use most of our best players and we're creating chances and scoring goals."

John Warren, Penicuik: "The new formation is like a breath of fresh air after watching Hearts under Laszlo. We actually look like scoring goals again. I thought that Kyle would score plenty for us but his role just now seems to be as a battering ram to create room for Elliott and Templeton."

Peter Bell, Dalry: "I think the system will work well against teams like Dundee United, Hibs and the Old Firm who all play a positive game but it'll be interesting to see how effective it is when all a team does is sit in and play negative tactics. "My concern is that it might leave us a little light in the midfield."