Golfers can afford to smile with Torphin Hill initiative

TORPHIN Hill Golf Club has “turned the corner” and is hoping a new initiative will help increase its membership over the next few years.

It is called simply ‘Affordable Golf’ and is providing golf close to the heart of the Capital at a price that isn’t a burden for people.

“We recognise that cost is of major concern to today’s consumer who has limited disposable income,” said club secretary Christopher Davies. “We determined a couple of years ago to protect our position by creating a very competitive cost structure. The whole club worked together on this, which means we can now offer new and existing members keen rates – on an ongoing basis, not just as an introductory offer.”

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Torphin Hill has been in existence since 1905 and boasts views to equal any club in the Lothians with its panorama over Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth. “Golf, pure and simple is what ‘Affordable Golf’ promises,” said vice captain John Webster. “Our motto is straightforward – to offer a no-nonsense, yet challenging game, in a friendly environment, where one can feel at ease both on the course and in the clubhouse.”

Captain Vince Robinson added: “Golf remains highly popular and is an excellent way to get physical and mental exercise.

“True, there appears to be a shift from club membership in favour of ‘pay-as-you-go’ but in total the number of golfers seems fairly constant. However, the pressure on clubs is to the detriment of the game: clubs promote a golf culture, with etiquette and standards and provide a social setting and fellowship for members.”

Full membership for new members in 2012 will cost £399, with the cost for existing members having been reduced to £499 in a move towards the two subscriptions eventually being harmonised.