Scottish golfer Trevor Wilson praised for 'selfless support' for Prostate Cancer UK

Old Ranfurly member Trevor Wilson has been praised for his fund-raising efforts on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK.Old Ranfurly member Trevor Wilson has been praised for his fund-raising efforts on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK.
Old Ranfurly member Trevor Wilson has been praised for his fund-raising efforts on behalf of Prostate Cancer UK.
Old Ranfurly member was diagnosed with disease and decided to have surgery

A Scottish golfer has been praised for playing a big part in helping to raise the awareness of prostate cancer through fund-raising events after being diagnosed himself and deciding to have surgery.

Trevor Wilson, who lives in Bridge of Weir in Renfrewshire and has been a member of Old Ranfurly for over 20 years, has used his passion for golf to be proactive in the fight against the most common cancer among men.

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He’s used his home club’s Seniors’ Open since 2017 to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK and is now a driving force in the west of Scotland in urging other clubs to do likewise at a time when awareness of the need to get tested is a particular issue in Scotland.

To coincide with last week’s launch of The Big Golf Race, it was highlighted that the figure for those diagnosed with prostate cancer sadly leaving it too late was 35 per cent in Scotland, which compared to 12.5 in London.

“At the end of March 2014, I went to see my GP about a minor ailment and she decided that due to my age, I was 59 at the time, that I should have a mini MOT,” said Wilson in sharing his story with The Scotsman. “She took some blood, which was sent off to be tested for various things, one of which was my PSA level. All of the other results were okay but my PSA level was a bit high at 9 and the doctor referred me to a urologist for further tests.

“The first thing I had was a biopsy and that confirmed that cancer was present in my prostate. The consultant then organised an MRI scan and then a CAT scan for me so that he could build up a picture of how bad it was. Once they were completed, he explained what he believed was happening and in his opinion the cancer hadn’t broken out and was treatable.

“I was offered various treatments including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone or an operation to remove. At this stage, I was very confused by everything and I looked at Prostate Cancer UKs website, requested information booklets from them and spoke to their fantastic nurses who are available on a freephone number, email, text and online chat, to help me make a decision.

“I decided to go for the operation, which I had in October 2014, to have my prostate removed as I wanted the cancer out of my body asap. Thankfully it did the trick as I didn’t need any follow up treatment. I was very lucky that my cancer was detected early as it meant that it was treatable. Too many other men are being diagnosed too late and my mission is for more men to be a survivor like me.”

In addition to using his own golf club to raise awareness of prostate cancer, Wilson has also raised support from Paisley, Whitecraigs, Renfrew, Elderslie, Cochrane Castle, Ralston Kilmacolm, Prestwick St Nicholas and Prestwick St Cuthbert.

Seren Evans, Head of Events and Community Fundraising at Prostate Cancer UK, said: “We’re incredibly grateful for the selfless support of Trevor for many years now. He’s an outstanding volunteer and an ever better fundraiser. Our presence in Scotland wouldn’t be nearly as big without men like him putting in the hard work.

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“Golf has been so influential in raising the profile of prostate cancer - a disease which affects 1 in 8 men in the UK. Trevor continues to help us drive home that message further and fund vital research that will help us save and enrich the lives of men with prostate cancer. We can’t thank him enough.”

Anyone with concerns should visit the charity’s online risk checker -

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