Next R&A captain has his fiery side

IT APPEARS that my description of George Macgregor, the next R&A captain, was not entirely accurate. Or, rather, didn’t paint the full picture.

George Macgregor: New R&A captain
George Macgregor: New R&A captain

While he is indeed “likeable” and “quietly spoken”, word has reached me – from more than one source – that the Glencorse man used to have a short fuse on the golf course.

So short, in fact, that he was a member of the club-throwing union – a body that comprises some individuals who can toss a wood, iron or putter as far as their ball.

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No sooner had Macgregor’s nomination for the prestigious post been announced by the R&A than some of his former team-mates – both at Lothians level and the Scotland scene – were having a snigger, through tweets or texts, behind his back.

His antics were also a hot topic among officials at Longniddry last week as it hosted the Lothians Championship, which Macgregor won in 1968.

“George had a terrible temper on the course,” remembered one as another recalled a story involving Keith Young, Macgregor’s son-in-law, when he was wearing Lothians colours.

“I’d paired Keith with Simon Mackenzie in the foursomes and told him he’d get on fine with him due to the fact he was used to playing with a bad-tempered golfer in George,” chuckled that Lothians Golf Association sage.

In fairness to Macgregor, it’s unlikely that he is a simmering volcano on a golf course these days. Don’t say you’ve not been warned, though, if that’s not the case and he hits a bad shot at his traditional drive-in on 18 September.