Martin Dempster: Inclusion of women in GolfSixes a masterstroke

It will never appeal to some, but GolfSixes is here to stay by the looks of things and can anyone really deny that it's not healthy for the game? Last year's first attempt by the European Tour wasn't bad at all, but second time around at the Centurion Club was much better.
Charley Hull was among the ladies who shone at the GolfSixes.Charley Hull was among the ladies who shone at the GolfSixes.
Charley Hull was among the ladies who shone at the GolfSixes.

Including women in particular was a masterstroke and the fact both all-female teams made it to the knockout stage on day two probably gave the game one of the biggest surges of exciting energy it has experienced for a long time.

The attendance over the two days more than doubled, increasing from 4,800 to just over 10,000, and the fact so many families were in attendance once again is another reason why this event is a worthwhile addition to the schedule.

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Thanks to a title triumph by Paul Dunne and Gavin Moynihan, this one handed Irish golf its latest boost and also the Ladies European Tour through the splendid efforts of Charley Hull, left, Georgia Hall, Mel Reid and Carlota Ciganda.

“If GolfSixes doesn’t ignite some interest in the LET, I don’t know what will!” wrote Edinburgh-based American Beth Allen, the 2016 Order of Merit winner, on Twitter over the weekend in hitting the nail firmly on the head.

Those LET players deserve better than a schedule that currently offers sporadic playing opportunities and, unless significant improvement is in the pipeline for next year, then it is time for chairman Mark Lichtenhein and his board to swallow their pride and accept an offer of support from the LPGA, European Tour and the R&A.