Arran golfer hits two holes in one in one round

A GOLFER has defied odds of 67 million to one to claim two hold in one during the same round.
A delighted Ewan McKinnonA delighted Ewan McKinnon
A delighted Ewan McKinnon

Ewan McKinnon achieved the feat during the Whisky Cup tournament at Corrie Golf Club on the Isle of Arran – but felt “frustrated” over his failure by a single shot to match his own course record.

Mr McKinnon, 26, holed his first hole in one with an ace at the 124-yard fifth hole, which is named “Mount Pleasant”.

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Then playing partners Jimmy McConnachie and Ray Jeffery watched in amazement as he did the same at the eighth, called “Orchard.”

Mr McKinnon, who works for his family’s local landscaping and garden management firm, went on to complete the first nine holes in 25 strokes, six under par. And he posted an 18-hole total of 54, which is eight under.

The Arran mountain rescue team member said: “It was just one of those days. The round started with a two at the first and things just got better and better.

“The fifth is a steep uphill hole with the green not visible until you climb to the top, so I had no idea where my nine-iron shot had ended up until I speculatively looked in the cup.

“It was a different story at the eighth because I could see the ball all the way after I hit it with an eight iron. It landed just short, bounced once and went straight in. Jimmy and Ray were delighted for me - but there was also some choice language as they described how lucky I was.”

As he left the club to drive to the isle’s main town of Brodick to buy a lottery ticket, he added: “It seems the odds on two aces in a round are 67 million to one. It didn’t have a price for achieving the feat within nine holes, but it must be astronomical.”