Fraser on fishing: Try the dry fly at Markle

I returned to Markle to practise fishing the dry fly and ended up with more than I bargained for, writes STUART 

It was fairly quiet on arrival but near perfect conditions for what I had in mind. I started half way up the main pond and went with a floating line and two Yellow Owls. Casting well out I watched intently as the two CDC plumes bobbed up and down in the light ripple.

A couple of fish head and tailed near the flies with only a modest interest and when I thought they had gone one turned on the tail fly and took it deep.

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I tightened into the rainbow that felt like around 3lb but fin and tail perfect. It really is the business taking fish off the surface and it has your heart racing at the takes. After returning the fish the skies turned black and a roll of thunder confirmed my worst fears. As I made my way back to get my skins on, torrential rain like I have never seen before completely soaked me before I had covered 20 yards.

After drying off at the car and waiting on the rain to stop a fantastic rise appeared on the water. The fish went crazy and I went on to land a further four before calling it a day.

The management is to be congratulated on the quality as well as the quantity of the fish and I will return soon hopefully under better conditions.