Why Rangers, Celtic, Hearts and Hibs players' values on the rise - 13 most eyecatching changes in Scottish Premiership, plus Liverpool loanee

After Transfermarkt made changes to some players’ price tags, we talk you through the biggest changes and why they have happened

The transfer window may currently be closed, but that has not stopped the values of some players going up during the international window.

While not an exact science and often far from the reality of a transfer deal, football website Transfermarkt has revalued played across the Scottish Premiership. They use various pricing models and according to its website, “a major factor is the Transfermarkt community, whose members discuss and evaluate player market values in detail. In general, the Transfermarkt market values are not to be equated with transfer fees. The goal is not to predict a price but an expected value of a player in a free market”

Nevertheless, the big risers in price reflect some of the more prominent players in Scottish football right now and we take a look at the 13 most eyecatching changes ...

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