What Rangers fans said after the club's 2018 AGM

Rangers held their 2018 AGM on Tuesday morning after another year of turbulence on and off the park for the Ibrox side.

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Dave King: Rangers will run at loss until they're back at the top

Since the last meeting the club have hired a new and exciting manager in former Liverpool hero Steven Gerrard, though they’ve also racked up losses of £14.3 million and continue to clash with retail company Sports Direct over the sale of club merchandise.

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Perhaps surprisingly, there weren’t many questions posed in the Q&A section of the AGM relating to those off-field factors. The same goes for post-AGM discussion on social media. Instead, these were the big talking points among the support...

The Rangers board and manager Steven Gerrard at yesterday's AGM. Picture: SNS

On Dave King and the 2018 AGM as a whole...

@samjsneddon1872: “Is it just me who was pretty impressed with Dave King’s speech at the AGM today?”

Axelrod: “Always admired King, even more so now and delighted the way things are moving forward. Can’t wait to see what the plans are for 2022, museum, ticket office, walkway at Edmiston drive and permanent fanzone I hope.”

@NewcoTed: “When the main takeaway is Gerrard confirming that Lee Wallace is the fourth-choice left-back then you can tell what kind of day it was at the Rangers AGM.”

Robbie Wilson: “Ok there have been a few f*** ups in the 3 years but to be honest that has to be expected as we came from the depths of Hell, we shouldn’t forget where we were ever. Realised himself and the board were business men not football men. Enter Mark Allen, we seen a instant change on his arrival. He was instrumental in Stevie arriving and from there everything has come together on and off the field.”

SHOTTSLOYAL: “Overall seems a fairly mundane and run of the mill AGM, my god how it’s great to be able to say that!”

On former club captain Lee Wallace, after a fan asked Steven Gerrard why the left-back was being treated so poorly by the club...

Blazing Saddles: “Anyone who thinks Wallace, who hasn’t had a good game since 2016, has barely played in well over a year and was previously at war with the club, is a better option than Halliday (and even Flanagan) is off their heads.”

@MBS1872: “Why ask about why our commercial department is outperformed by Aberdeen when you can ask at a meeting of shareholders why Lee Wallace isn’t getting a game?”

On Dave King’s refusal to consider reinstating Celtic’s former ticket allocation for Old Firm clashes at Ibrox...

Bluegenebop: “Excellent news from King about not reversing the decision on the away allocation for [Celtic]. Well pleased.”

bitablue: “Sellick and there board have treated us despicable sticking us in a corner with restricted views, that’s fact. So until they can offer us better viewing options then they are stuck in that corner. This can’t be reversed.”

@BenRFC2: “To say King’s cutting the allocation for Celtic to try and boost our chances to stop 10 in a row is nonsense since there’s still 36 games to play ya bunch of *******.”

On former manager Graeme Murty after Dave King said he was the “man of the year” for taking over the first-team squad last season in difficult circumstances...

chucknorris: “Don’t understand how the honour of being made Rangers manager (a job he said he wanted) could be described as ‘sacrifice’.”

@RSCPDX: “Well done to Dave King to point out the work by @GraemeMurty . Murty would be the first to say he didn’t do as well as he hoped as first team manager, but hats off to him for trying, and being honest.”

Buffalo: “He was and is a f*****g disgrace. He sent out a team to lose at Parkhead, with a petted lip and a sarky comment before the game, a game we were humiliated in and a game in which we lost 5-0, following a 4-0 hammering the previous meeting between us and one in which he admitted he didn’t want to “say too much to the players”. I am thankful for nothing Murty done for us, he embarrassed each and every one of us.”

On the issue of safe-standing, which Stewart Robertson stated was a project in its infancy with a proposal for a section at the front of the Broomloan Stand having just been received...

Drumchapel-Bear: “Safe standing is critical in my opinions. The UBs (Union Bears) need to be given the platform to expand. Ibrox is like a morgue at times. Make the whole Copland Front a safe standing area and let the UBs move there. Along with other like minded fans from other parts of the stadium. Give folk a discount to move their seats in the Copland to another part of the stadium if they don’t want to be in the standing area.”

JS84: “The whole away section probably needs looked at if teams are going to ask for maximum amount of seats for European games. Safe Standing shouldn’t be anywhere that away fans could potentially get.”

Neilston Unionist: “Our safe standing is quite important to young fans and the future of the support and it cannot be in the Broomloan as I personally suspect that the current [Celtic] allocation is not long term.”

On managing director Stewart Robertson and the BBC/GCC...

Tomted: “Just back from the AGM and left much happier than last year. However, I find Stewart Robertson to be unconvincing. He must be a decent administrator otherwise he wouldn’t have been kept on but he seems incapable of answering a question with certainty or clarity. The lady from club 1872, like the rest of us, I guess, can’t have found Stewart Robertson‘s responses to her questions related to council representatives or the BBC have provided any comfort.”

@pzj_1873: “For the avoidance of doubt at today’s AGM Stewart Robertson was absolutely scathing on the [Celtic] players behaviour at the last game we played them in September. Utterly scathing.”

GLAGAZ: “Those slaughtering Robertson need to remember that the discussions he’s in with both the BBC and GCC (Glasgow City Council) will be fairly confidential. If he comes out at the AGM where bears, journos and [Celtic fans] are giving live updates to the world and says they’re both a bunch of Celtic pandering, **** organisations, then he’s putting the club in a c****y situation.”